Well, first of all the link to the language I used to write TkPhone: Tcl/Tk is a scripting language to easily write GUI's, whichever operating system you have.
The operating system I'm on: Linux. No, I don't mean that it's the best system in the world, simply I love it. I did not test many others OS'es, but among Windows, Mac, HP-UX and VAX-VMS, it's the simplest and funniest environment to develop, work, spend time and have fun. Anything else?
Logo VisualTcl I think that a word must be deserved for VisualTcl I used to make TkPhone. VisualTcl is a powerful and complete tool to build your GUI without effort, in a graphical environment.
Logo freashmeat.net Ok, you are connected at the great Sourceforge, but it is worth of mention also Freshmeat, one of the richest software database in the world.

Now the private and funny links

Logo goliardia.org It's Goliardia, our best and most aged university student association, made to have fun and spend the best way the best years of your life, your 20's painless and enjoying. The site is mostly ok, though some features may be inactive.
Logo Vascello Il Vascello is my own order in Goliardia, I've re-opened it in 1998 after 16 years it was close.